Lake Keesus 
Social Calendar

Holiday Party - Dec 9

Holiday Party at James Lodge at Camp Whitcomb Mason.  See the invite for all the details.  

Holiday Party Invite

Comedy Sportz - Jan 13

LKAA presents a free production of Comedy Sportz in Friendship Lodge at Camp Whitcomb.    Keesans are asked to RSVP as soon as possible by using the following link 

Chili Dump - Feb 4

Join us from 1-4pm on Sunday Feb 4 on the Larson & Hazzard shoreline in Bull's Bay for the annual Chili Dump.   

LKAA Book Club

LKAA Book Club meets the second Monday of every month.  Call Nina Schlidt (538-2771) for monthly book title and meeting place.

LKAA Sheepshead

The group meets on Friday nights once a month at various homes. Contact Kenn Belter (538-1291) if you would like to join them and want more information.